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Friday, November 06, 2009

Kick @$$ day # 2
Current mood:  energetic

So yesterday we had the press conference, and it turns out we were the only undercard members there.  But I got to chat with a lot of pro fighters and get their autographs.  Gegard is really nice. XD  And KIRIK IS HERE! My beloved COACH! *superhugglomp*!!!!!!!  And I got interviewed by Frank Shamrock and people 😀
Sir Mayhem is cool.  I was a fan before, but now I am a BIG fan! :D  He is also slightly insane but it’s part of his charm!
kirik roxy shamrock
Kirik, Roxy, Frank Shamrock
sir mayhem
sir Mayhem and I
Anderson ‘bigfoot’ Silva and his group and I
brett rogers
Brett Rogers and I! He’s really cool! lol when I introduced myself, he said, "You’re not a fighter!" I said, "Yes I am!" and he said, "No you ain’t! Here lemme see your hands!" and even the calloused knuckles didn’t convince him. but then I gave him my business card and website and he was like "ooooh cool."
Dude  shook hands with Mr. Bigfoot…his hand was HUGE!  It was like FIVE TIMES the size of mine, LOL.

At the press conference we didn’t get to sit on the podium. actually, Marloes and I sat in the audience…next to each other. lol We were whispering back and forth about various things, it was funny. Then when we did the face off, she gave a killer look like "I’m gonna knee your face" and squeezed my hand hard…I got really excited about that. If I could make a mean face, I would, but my ‘mean’ face looks neutral at best…so I just smile. I CAN’T WAIT. I just wanna get in there!!


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