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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Many people helped Roxy today!!! 😀

What a KICK A$$ day I had today.
I went to the open workout…I was not happy thinking that Marloes would get to see me work out…but she never came.  Why not?  I want her to get publicity, too!  Nobody knows about her! 😦
There was this guy who I KNEW his face, and I even remembered details about his fight, but I COULD NOT remember his name.  Finally I asked and he was like "I’m Scott Smith."  You know, "Hands of Steel?"  FRICK’N COOL!!! 
So (after he signed my magazine) I got him to hold pads for me, because my coach isn’t here!!!! 😀 THANK YOU!!
roxy and scott
I also met my new boyfriend in the POW gym in Chicago!  We simply must do something about his skintone, though…
roxy's new boyfriend
Oh let’s not forget the wonderful drivers who drive us everywhere and also are on the UG!
F the UG
Then I met Erin from  I love that lady.  I had SUCH a fun time chatting!  And she helped me make weight!!
erin helping roxy
Here and here!!
Then We went and found some other guys in this Chinese restaurant, and Shonie Carter was there?!?!? They had RUN INTO HIM ON THE STREET?!?!?  And we both wanted to snap pics…(after he signed my magazine XD)  haha he’s a paparazzi, like me! 
roxy and shonie
And he let me try on his hat!!!
roxy and shonie's hat
and I chatted with the Brazilians Favricio Verdum and his trainer Philipe? (?) in the car. lol Funny guys. Damn I used to be good at Portuguese and Spanish. Now I can’t speak it for crap…but omg today was great. I also bought Spyro and Tomb Raider for PS2. Gonna go play now 😀


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