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Monday, November 02, 2009

I am so jetlagged, raaar!!
Current mood:  excited

I am super jet-lagged and super bored.  I tried to tire myself out last night and then go to bed, but I slept from 10 to 2 AM. @_@  Then exercised a bit, read my book, ate ANIMAL CRACKERS, wooooo…checked my email etc….
at 6:30 the restaurant opened so I had an omelette and French toast, but it was COOL.  The cook mixed in cornflakes in the egg, so the french toast was crispy! :D  SO GOOD omg but I really want some vegetables. I always have a big portion in the morning, so I miss them….
Today I get my medical check.
DUDE DUDE I SAW FEDOR having dinner in the hotel restaurant. 😀 I want his autograph! but obviously I’m not gonna inturrupt him.
and the lady who is taking care of me said that a ton of famous fighters are coming! I have my picture magazine, so I’m gonna see how many signatures I can collect. XD I really wanna meet Mayhem!
I’m bored! @_@
oh I finished my book, Forest King, by Paul Thompson (A Dragon Lance book) and now I’m starting on the Elven Exiles series by him and Tonya C. Cook.
maybe I’ll go exercise some more…lol I’m trying so hard to diet, and everyone’s like "EAT MORE! Have some cake! 😀 Want food?"  cuz I’m fighting at 145.  It’s okay, I’ll win anyway!  I AM ROXY HEAR ME RAAAARRRRR!!!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fedor winked at me
Current mood:  ecstatic

LOL So yesterday I had some time and I walked over to the shopping mall.
A wonderful generous friend is going to send me a PS1, I think?  But I couldn’t help myself and I bought a used PS2 at gamestop.  It’s okay to have two, now my memory card for PS1 will still work if I get a PS1, too.  Which is the most important part.  I also got sneakers.  Actually, when I opened the box when I got back to my hotel room, I opened it and found that the guy had forgotten to put the actual PLAYSTATION in there. So I had to ask the nice guy who was driving me around to my doc’s apt. to take me back.  He was really nice… :)  I enjoyed chatting with him.
So I bought the PS2, an extra game controller, Twisted Metal Black, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaiichi, and a used memory card, all for $125 bucks!!! ;D  I was playing last night and this morning and OMFG it’s so much fun. XD 
The first level of black is really hard- there’s not many places to hide, and I gotta get used to the controllers again.  I like how your life goes down if you hit something.  It makes it somewhat realistic and forces you to be careful and not just go crashing into walls. 
As for Tenkaichi, O.M.G.  The graphics are COOL and the variety of movement?!? I came from the PS1 The Final Bout, but this has so many more dimentions and things you can do!  You can dash, and avoid at close range, and do finishes and various levels of blocking and combos. It’s the speed moves, and the disappearing tricks that I love the most- they really are like the TV series.
Now, you have to remember that Power Rangers inspired me to start Tae Kwon Do, but it was through Dragon Ball Z that I got my inspiration to actually FIGHT and it remained something that I watched and loved as I trained for my fights.  lol They just kick so much @$$ it’s unbelievable.  They are so frigging cool.
So I met Marloes yesterday and I got her autograph.  She was like, "I can’t believe we’re gonna fight and you’re asking me to sign your magazine!"
Then I saw Fedor in Sports Authority with his Russian Posse (scary guys with long beards! XD) and introduced myself and shook his hand and got his autograph!  Then we ran into each other again at the doctor’s and he kind of winked at me as I was leaving. XD XD I was gonna ask him "How do I REALLY pronounce your name?" but I was nervous and forgot. ^^;;; I must have seemed like SUCH a fan girl…
I am so so so so pumped to be here.  I’m not even nervous or thinking about the fight, because when I think about fighting, I get so excited I just wanna jump out of my skin or puke or something.  ^^;; So I’m actually trying to think of other things…
try not to turn into a tubby from all the good food I miss out on all the time.
omg there are donuts over there in the lobby…RESIST!!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


video journal entry


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