Canino leads growth of women's boxing

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One of South Florida’s crusaders for women’s boxing had reason to celebrate last week.

Bonnie Canino has played a noticeable role in keeping the sport relevant. The retired fighter and current trainer will become even busier now that women’s boxing will be an Olympic sport.

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London will feature women’s boxing, the International Olympic Committee announced last Thursday.

“It’s the talk on Facebook and Twitter,” Canino said. “Everybody involved with women’s boxing is extremely happy. This is one step further for women in boxing.”

Olympic women’s boxing will consist of three weight divisions — flyweight (106-112 pounds), lightweight (123-132) and middleweight (152-165). Each division will have 12 boxers selected after qualifying tournaments.

The inclusion of women’s boxing also led to a reduction of Olympic men’s boxing to 10 weight categories from 11 divisions.

“We wanted five weight divisions, but we can’t be picky this time,” Canino said. “In 2016, hopefully we’ll get more divisions.”

In addition to running Canino’s Kickboxing and Boxing Gym in Dania Beach, Canino has directed the women’s Golden Gloves National Tournament for the past five years. With women’s boxing now an Olympic sport, Canino expects an increase in participants.

“It’s given these athletes a new set of goals in a whole new arena,” Canino said. “Now they can aim for the attention that comes from participating in the Olympics.”

But Canino already noticed growth in the sport from her experiences with the U.S. team’s coaching staff at the world championships. Since the first event in 2001, Canino has seen an increase not only in athletes but also countries.


“Now you are seeing athletes representing all continents and coming from countries such as India and Turkey,” Canino said. “When we had the first world games, we were told it would take 10 years for women’s boxing to be considered an Olympic sport.”

Always active in promoting the sport, Canino spent the weekend in Washington, where she trained Dania Beach-based boxer Tera Scott at an amateur card. For boxers such as Scott, competing in amateur cards and tournaments helps cultivate the path to a coveted Olympic berth in 2012.

“The United States has a good chance of sending three boxers, but the competition is going to be fierce,” Canino said. “It’s going to be a hard road.”

But it is an appealing road to the sport’s pioneers such as Canino, who have kept the flame lit for women’s boxing during its formative years.

“It is a love for the sport,” Canino said. “I have been able to succeed in my goals of keeping it going further. There has never been a fear of looking back or at the obstacles in the way

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Talented Forte in midseason form in preseason debut – Chicago Bears

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CHICAGO – Faking would-be tacklers out of their shoes and bolting untouched into the end zone Saturday night, running back Matt Forte hardly looked like he was playing in his first game in nearly eight months.

“It seemed like he was back in his old form,” coach Lovie Smith said after Forte rushed for 58 yards on nine carries in a 17-3 preseason win over the New York Giants at Soldier Field.


Matt Forte’s 32-yard touchdown run gave the Bears a 10-0 lead Saturday night.










Hey I am sorry but I am posting all that I can about the Bears, I think this season is going to be the season….

Talented Forte in midseason form in preseason debut – Chicago Bears

Jeff King Today on WFB Talk – Women's Tackle Football Group

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Jeff King, President of the Women’s Football Alliance first came on our show August 3rd, before they were a league. When the NWFA dropped its west division teams, the WFA acquired all but one of those teams. When the NWFA folded, the WFA acquired all but four of those teams. Jeff was on our show again on December 21 sharing us his plans for the new season, with 34 teams, impressive for a first year league as well as being able to accomodate all those teams with a schedule in early January with such short notice.
Now that the season has completed its first InAugaral year, Jeff King joins us once again to give account of the 2009 season. We will discuss what happened before the start of the season when schedules were already out; the first games played; the playoffs to the final Championship Game; as well as what we can look forward to in 2010 for the WFA.
Please join us today at 3:00pm(pst) on WFB Talk.
For more information on the Women’s Football Alliance, go to

Jeff King Today on WFB Talk – Women’s Tackle Football Group

Vick continues prep with Eagles assistants

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Looks like Mike is doing a fine job and getting used to the new team…its coming everyone, he will start again one day…

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says Michael Vick picks up a little more each time he practices with assistant coaches James Urban and Doug Pederson.

Vick worked out with Urban, the quarterbacks coach, and Pederson, the offensive quality control coach, on Sunday.

Mornhinweg expects coach Andy Reid will probably make a decision Tuesday on whether Vick will make his preseason debut Thursday at home against the Jaguars. Mornhinweg says much of Vick’s challenge is getting into football shape after not playing

Vick continues prep with Eagles assistants – NFL News – FOX Sports on MSN

Bellator’s Rebney Talks Second Season and Major TV Deal

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An unfortunate fact of media life: people doing their job right aren’t nearly as interesting as people screwing it up.
Earlier in the year, while terminal companies like Affliction and EliteXC were busy making the kinds of business decisions that put them in the bread line, the Bellator Fighting Championships was quietly issuing a slick, no-frills product that developed a following based on clever viral marketing and a no-flow-chart-necessary tournament format. Spanish-language fans were recruited on ESPN Deportes; English-language viewers, perhaps a little slighted, followed clips on YouTube.
No giant dragons, no pro wrestlers commentating, and nothing much to complain about. Simple works.
Recently, some of that goodwill was deflated when word circulated that Bellator’s second “season” would be delayed from the fall until early 2010. Bellator co-founder and CEO Bjorn Rebney believes he has a very good reason for the stutter — and it involves 150 million households.

Bellator’s Rebney Talks Second Season and Major TV Deal – Debi Purcell – No Holds Barred

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Friday, August 21, 2009
Article By MarQ Piocos

To say Debi Purcell has a lot to say is an understatement. Who can blame her? After ten years of helping build women’s mma, Purcell has seen it all. From being a coach, a manager, a business woman, and most importantly a fighter, if there was one expert in the sport it is one Debi Purcell.
On “Sportsgeeks” on Blog Talk Radio, Debi Purcell took some time out of her hectic schedule to talk about the past, present, and future of women in mma. – Debi Purcell – No Holds Barred

Bears offense sharp, in sync in preseason win over Giants

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CHICAGO  After a less than stellar outing a week earlier in the preseason opener, the same Bears offense that has been clicking on all cylinders in training camp showed up Saturday night at Soldier Field.

Yes this is great news for the Bear fans we are making some adjustments and things are looking way better than ever….I was telling someone on twitter that it was just rust in the first game….I am saying this now, be prepared for the Da Bears to roll this season, promise land here we come!!

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