Forte eager to make preseason debut against Giants

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill. – After sitting out last weekend’s preseason opener in Buffalo, running back Matt Forte likely will get at least half a dozen carries Saturday night when the Bears host the Giants at Soldier Field.


Running back Matt Forte will see his first action of the preseason against the Giants.

“He needs to get some work,” said offensive coordinator Ron Turner. “He didn’t get any the last time. Starters are going to be in there more than they were [against the Bills], and I’d like to see Matt get in there and get six, seven or eight carries, get hit and get the timing with the line and all that.”

Last preseason as a rookie, Forte rushed for 94 yards on 27 carries and caught six passes for 41 yards. The 2008 second-round pick then set Bears rookie records during the regular season with 1,238 yards, 63 receptions and 1,715 yards from scrimmage.

Forte is eager to make his preseason debut Saturday night.

“It’s very important because you don’t want to go into the first [regular-season] game without having any full-speed reps,” he said. “It’s important to get some reps and get into the full swing of full speed football. I’m excited to get out there and hit somebody besides my teammates.”

Heading home: The Bears broke training camp in Bourbonnais Thursday following an afternoon practice. When the workout ended, the team gathered at the center of the field and said “Lake Forest” in unison before heading to the locker room.

“We had a great time in Bourbonnais,” said coach Lovie Smith. “We got a lot accomplished. We’re a lot better football team now than when we first got down here. It’s been great work.

“We’re anxious to get back to Lake Forest. It’s been a long time, it seems like down here. You’re anxious to get back home, and we will. Again, everything we wanted to get accomplished down here we accomplished.”

Cannot wait to see Forte back in action….

Forte eager to make preseason debut against Giants – Chicago Bears

Bengals beat Patriots 7-6 as Ochocinco kicks decisive extra point in place of injured

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Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) gets up after being knocked to the turf by Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers during the first quarter of their preseason NFL football game in Foxborough, Mass., Thursday Aug. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) (Charles Krupa, AP / August 4, 2009)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — A new role, another new name for Chad Ochocinco.
Cincinnati’s emergency kicker and international soccer fan booted the decisive extra point late in the first half and the Bengals beat the sloppy New England Patriots 7-6 on Thursday night.
" ‘Esteban’ Ochocinco is back, the most interesting footballer in the world," Ochocinco said. "Everyone has to remember, I’ve always said that soccer is my No. 1 sport. I think Ronaldinho would be proud of me right now."


OMG who would of thought that Chad Johnson would even attempt this, I say this is beyond me…LOL…looking for video now…lol

Bengals beat Patriots 7-6 as Ochocinco kicks decisive extra point in place of injured Graham – KFSM

Showtime officials pleased with ratings, production of Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg

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At first glance, Spike TV’s 2 million viewers for a replay of UFC 100 this past Saturday night would seem to indicate an overwhelming victory for the network when compared to the mere 576,000 viewers of “Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg” on Showtime the same evening.

But the Showtime viewership represents a record number for mixed
martial arts programming on the network, and Showtime Sports Director of Communications Chris DeBlasio told that executives at the premium cable network are more than pleased with the ratings.

Simply comparing the raw numbers that were released on Tuesday just isn’t comparing apples to apples according to the Showtime employee.

Well this is great news, I knew something good would come out of this, Hey Dana you listening now? yep I wonder…

Showtime officials pleased with ratings, production of Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg

STPNS – City Delays MMA Decision, Socorro, New Mexico

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SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) — The use of Finley Gym to stage cage fighting matches is still up in the air, due to City Council concerns over insurance.
Mixed Martial Arts promoter Bill Partridge returned to the City Council Monday to ask that the council to consider renting him the city owned property for his event.
Mayor Dr. Ravi Bhasker said the city’s attorney, Jerry Armijo, had reviewed information concerning Partridge’s request.
“We’re concerned about the spectator insurance policy. The policy you showed us protected the fighters in the ring, but did not mention coverage for spectators,” Bhasker said. “There is no binder or information on injury for spectators that specifically covered injuries.”

STPNS – City Delays MMA Decision, Socorro, New Mexico

New York to host first pro female MMA bout

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Now, here’s a nickname that really requires further exposition: Jennifer "Visegrip" Martin of Elmira, N.Y., is slated to help contest the first professional female MMA bout in New York on Saturday in Salamanca.

Because the sport still is verboten in the state, Martin and opponent Priseilla Cuevro will compete on Seneca Nation Indian territory. It has been speculated in the past that the state commission might not look favorably upon athletes who try to circumvent the system, which could come back to bite Martin and Cuevro down the road. But that’s life. Live in the moment, I say.

The event, by the way, has been dubbed "There Will Be Blood 3: Severe Lacerations." Just cuts right to the chase. No metaphorical crap here.

New York to host first pro female MMA bout – ESPN

Nevada approves instant replay for boxing and MMA

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According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has approved instant replay on a limited basis for both boxing and mixed martial arts.

The Nevada Athletic Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to institute instant replay on a limited basis for boxing and mixed martial arts events.

Instant replay would be used, solely at the discretion of the referee, to confirm a call. In instances in which a cut or a head-butt stops a bout, replay could be used to determine if the incident was accidental or an intentional foul.

The regulation must be approved by the Legislative Council Bureau and filed by the state’s librarian. If it is approved in the next 30 days, replay could be used in Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s comeback fight Sept. 19 against Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

"We’ll see how it works," NAC executive director Keith Kizer said. "It’s an additional tool for the referee, and that’s a good thing."

The news elicited positive response from referees, boxers and executives alike.

"It’s an excellent tool to use if you’re in doubt,” veteran referee Joe Cortez said. ”It’s better to get the call right. You want to be fair to the fighters and to the fans. It’ll only make boxing better."

In addition to Cortez, who certainly could have used the tool on a few occasions, fighters like Oliver McCall and Rocky Juarez both made comments in favor of the idea.

Look, this is necessary. Some old fuddy duddies don’t want to mess with the purity of things, but are they still using rotary phones? Improvements are made all the time on all fronts. Boxing and MMA need instant replay in some situations — where cuts came from, whether something was a knockdown or a slip, etc.

All it can do is make things better. Yes, there will be some calls boffed even with instant replay, but the amount of times the world complains about terrible refereeing calls will decrease dramatically.

Nevada approves instant replay for boxing and MMA – Bad Left Hook

Fans can get custom Vick jerseys, for their dogs

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In a bit of news dripping with irony, NFL fans can order a custom Michael Vick jersey — for their dogs, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

For $39.99 plus tax and shipping at, fans can order the new Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s No. 7 jersey with the name "VICK" on the back, the Daily News said.

"Like any other player, (customers) can obtain that name and that jersey if they wish," league spokesman Greg Aiello told the Daily News. "As far as putting it on the dog product, he’s working with humane societies, working to educate others on this issue, so we don’t see a problem."

Fans can get custom Vick jerseys, for their dogs – NFL-

7 UC Soccer Players Ill With Flu-Like Symptoms

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CINCINNATI — The University of Cincinnati’s men’s soccer team will not play a preseason game Friday night after several members of the team came down with a flu-like illness.

The school rescheduled the game against Cincinnati State for Aug. 25 after seven players became ill.

Officials said the players were being tested for H1N1, but the tests were not back yet. All the players are being treated for their symptoms.

A member of the women’s soccer team told News 5’s Michelle Hopkins that her teammates had been advised to avoid members of the men’s soccer team for the near future.

Stay tuned to News 5 and for the latest on this story.

7 UC Soccer Players Ill With Flu-Like Symptoms – Health News Story – WLWT Cincinnati

Report: NCAA to strip Memphis of Final Four appearance

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Memphis will be forced to vacate the record 38 victories from its Final Four season of 2007-08, according to a report by the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

The newspaper, citing a source close to the situation, said on its Web site Wednesday night that the NCAA will release findings of its investigation into violations committed by the program on Thursday.

The NCAA investigated whether someone took the SAT exam for a player on that Final Four team. Memphis was notified of potential violations in January and met with the NCAA in June.

Memphis, coached then by current University of Kentucky coach John Calipari, finished 38-2 in 2007-08, setting the NCAA record for wins in a season.

Report: NCAA to strip Memphis of Final Four appearance | | The Courier-Journal

Sunday Night Football Extra returns for 2009

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NEW YORK – For the second straight season, the 17-game Sunday Night Football schedule will be available to fans on NBC Sports as well as streamed live on and, the NFL and NBC announced today. 

The live coverage on and will once again come from NBC Sports’ broadcast of Sunday Night Football plus four additional camera angles and several new interactive features. Sunday Night Football Extra will employ a full HD-quality player, in the Microsoft Silverlight smooth streaming format, that will help set new benchmarks for live streaming video cross-platform. The video player, the highest quality yet, will include full DVR and functionality allowing the user to pause and scroll back-and-forth — even review plays in “slo-mo” — all while watching live video. 

I had fun using the internet for football last year…

Sunday Night Football Extra returns for 2009 – NFL-