Carano vs Cyborg Main Event Updates

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update: Carano vs cyborg 8/15/2009

I saw both fighter interviews on Showtime between Carano and Cyborg and they both looked great, they are ready to fight tonight, you can tell with the look in their eyes wow!

Watching all the matches tonight they were all good we are not just waiting for the big main event to come up.

Oh BTW Big John McCarthy is referring tonight; I wonder who is going to do the big main event?

Wow watching an interview with Jake Shields cool….

Now interview with Andre Ward cool

While waiting for the fight between Gina and Cris, heck I am even nervous and I am wondering if they are even more nervous. What do you think is going through their minds right now.

OMG just saw a Fedor commercial done by Showtime, OMG that was cool….

Hey UFC missing out eh! yeah you know you don’t have the number 1 fighter in the world anymore….I wonder what Dana White is saying hell I bet he is watching this fight right now, who wouldn’t be watching it….

Strikeforce M1 this fall on Showtime….featuring, Fedor, Bret Rogers, Jake and I am sure many more….hell yeah its on this fall….

Well the fight is fixing to start and as I get ready to watch I am going nuts right now, I hope Gina Carano does win, even though she is now the underdog….GO GINA!!!!!

I do have to say that this is the biggest fight in the world and finally Cris Cyborg has someone that matches her…

Cyborg comes out and is looking great…..a lot of people are cheering cyborg, that’s good….

Gina looks good! and ready to go!!! you can tell she is concentrating and that’s all she needs to do…

Here she comes, Carano with a thunderous ovation!! Randy Couture is right by her side….

Gina getting her last minute Vaseline on her face and now she enters the ring….

Jimmy Lennon Jr…introducing the fighters… we go….I cannot wait for this!! wooohooo…

This is being shown all over the world and its the best thing I have ever seen in the world!!!

I am so nervous right now……

Remember Cyborg is representing the south of the equator…..

Remember Carano is representing the north of the equator…

Josh Rosenthal referring

OMG OMG this first round is rocking

Gina is having hard time with Cyborg

omg omg omg

Gina is getting out of every hold

but Gina looses…..

Cyborg has the power and it was way to much for Gina…she was just to small for Cyborg….


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