TheRoundTable Michael Vick with the Eagles

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Tonight we are going to be doing a special on what everyone thinks about Michael Vick signing with the Eagles join us…

This show we will be talking about news, special reports, our OH CRAP segment and anything the brings the latest news to your i Pod or Microsoft Zune, Just something to do while we are sitting at our computers talking in chat and playing on the net so pull up a chair get that coffee going grab a beer, Join Us live every weekday at 9pm Central here at Blog Talk Radio

Gina Carano Profile from Yahoo Sports

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Wow what a cool video profile, remember Gina Carano is fighting Cyborg tomorrow night on Showtime stay tuned for more updates from SportsGeeks, your sports leader in women’s professional sports.

Gina Carano vs Cris “Cyborg” Santos live blogging

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Gina says she respects Cyborg and that Randy Couture has been a mentor and helped with her game plan

Cyborg says the women who makes the least mistakes will win – she will be

more aggressive

Gina Carano Weigh In video

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Carano and Cyborg Make Weight

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Cyborg weighs in at 144 1/2 pounds

Gina weighs in at 143 pounds

Vegas favors Cyborg 3-1 odds

This is great news for Strikeforce

Rick Pitino's lawyer says he didn't force Sypher to get abortion

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The attorney for University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino says Karen Sypher’s claims that he forced her to have an abortion in 2003 are a “complete fabrication.” Pence cited voice mail messages recorded by Sypher in which Pitino said the decision on whether to have the procedure …

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