Megumi Fujii, a super star of Japanese women's MMA

I was at the message boards and found this great post on Megumi Fujii, If you do go the web link at the bottom of the page, the website is in Japanese and my have to translate:

Megum Fujii
Megum Fujii

probably felt, there is something she can do, and also, something she should do as one of the leaders of the industry.

Especially after what Megumi and her fellow fighters went through last year.

I am talking about how Smack Girl folded last year and that left almost all women MMA fighters in Japan with nowhere to fight, meaning nowhere to work.

At that point, DEEP was the only other Japanese promotion that was doing women’s MMA bouts but those spots are basically only for champions of DEEP which are MIKU and Satoko Shinashi.

Therefore the end of Smack Girl realistically meant complete unemployment for all girls in a sport called MMA in Japan.

And this terrible situation continued for a little over six months.

Imagine going through rigorous training everyday but not knowing if you can ever compete again?

“But this is the time we all have to train even harder so we can be prepare for anything. And also, this can be a good time to reevaluate myself both technically and mentally.”

That is what Megumi told me at the time. She was still training all the time, and is getting ready in case someone knocks on her door with a fight offer.

But training was not the only thing she did when Smack Girl closed its operation.

Megumi founded a publication that is specializing in covering women’s MMA.

Yes instead of just training and fighting she also stepped up to promote the entire industry.

It’s nothing extravagant nor fancy nor high budget.

But its more than apparent that this is her effort to do something for the sport she loves.

Megumi distributes this publication at shows but mainly it is available on the web. It consists of fighter’s interviews, event schedules, reports and photos from shows, to even very intriguing columns like “how to defend yourself with MMA techniques when you are assaulted by a thug.”

Its all about women’s MMA and needless to say it’s always good to have somewhere to go and check if you want to know anything about women’s MMA.

It maybe be surprising to some but in Japan there are no other publications that only cover’s women’s MMA so it’s still small but I must say, the publication is indeed historical and extremely meaningful for the sport.

By the way, the publication is called “Fight Again” and from the title, you can tell that it is about not letting women’s MMA die in Japan. Fighters will keep on fighting to keep the sport alive. And it’s also about all female MMA fighters’ wishes, which is to be able to fight again, and again, and again.

Fight Again-


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