Kaufman vs Baszler SportsGeeks update

Sarah Kaufman posted on Facebook that she and Shayna Baszler both made weight and now the war is on!, Shayna posted on twitter that she is stuffed “Ate.Eyes….Bigger….than….stomach……i love food.  Sarah Kaufman posted “and is now heading to eat some food.

As both fighters are getting ready for their war tomorrow and let me tell you all this will be a war so don’t forget to tune into showtime tomorrow at around 9pm central or so and watch the fight leading up to the other big war of the year, wow can you believe this two undefeated women going for broke on the Strikeforce, Sarah whos is 7-0 and Gina Carano who is also 7-0 defend their undefeated tomorrow and in August. I am getting excited and even more excited for tomorrow’s action stay tuned to SportsGeeks for updates on this war that is going to happen and leading up to the Strikeforce event tomorrow night! Get ready everyone!!!!


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