Jessica Bednark Needs our help

Latest update on Jessica Bednark:

Thank you for continuing in prayer for Jessica, the expressions of care, and the words of encouragement. We appreciate seeing notes and names more than once in the guest book! Jessica has mentioned a number of times how great it has been to hear from so many people.

I, Jessica’s Dad, expect that you will be getting an update directly from Jessica in the near future.

The greatest request at this time is to continue to ask God to show mercy in keeping Jessica free of infection throughout this season of recovery. It has been one week of healing since the last surgery.

We understand how easy it is to read a prayer request and get sidetracked with the many demands of life. We appreciate you standing with us in prayer. Would you take a few seconds right now and pray that God would keep Jessica free of infection throughout this recovery process?

We are thankful for speech, good long term memory, and being admitted to an in-patient rehabilitation program.

The rehabilitation team has her at a busy pace most of the day time hours with occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy.  They are constantly evaluating where she is at, how she is progressing, and working with her towards full recovery. A short nap is often welcomed between appointments. J Much of the present rehabilitation focus is on two areas. One is improving short term memory. The other is working on walking with balance and focus on proper heel to toe steps in her stride. We are so grateful for the rehabilitation team and progress.

Jay (her boyfriend) shared again with Jessica the medical team order and warning, “No more mixed martial arts.” “There are many other sports you can take part in.” Also, she was instructed, “No running for the next 6 months”. Running during that time could further injure her brain.

Has it been hard for Jessica? Yes. No one would choose to have this type of injury and all the consequences. It is not easy dealing with a 12 inch long incision on your head, staples on the scalp, headaches, and weeks in the hospital, etc.

Yet, Jessica has been amazing. She has consistently shown the great character she has always had. She has been patient and gracious in working with her medical team. She is diligent and persistent in therapy, shown a good attitude, and demonstrates a spirit of thankfulness. She would be quick to say there are moments when she would like to be at home now! J

The headaches have been going in a good direction. They have been more tolerable lately and the medication has been very helpful in keeping them in check.  We see and are thankful for progress.


Lord, please continue to keep Jessica free from all infection.

Thank you for progress, the excellent medical team, and the great character qualities you have given Jessica. Would you continue to work the recovery progress in such a way that all would attribute her recovery to you?

Lord, would you continue to show mercy by eliminating the headaches, restoring short term memory and all cognitive abilities, and give her full physical recovery?

Would you refresh Jessica spiritually and strongly show your amazing grace to her, Jay, her family, and her friends?

We are all grateful for your support, encouragement, and prayer.


John and Deb Bednark

Hi everyone I just found some news on a woman MMA fighter Jessica Bednark from that Jessica collasped during a training session and was rushed to the emergency room on May 24th 2009. The doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the pressure on her brain. She is in a medically induced coma right now.

Jessica is professional MMA femal fighter with a record of 5-2-0 at the 135lbs weight class. According to WAMMA WOMEN’S RANKINGS she is ranked 6th in the world under the feather weight class.

Wfighter is reporting that her camp that she does NOT have medical insurance and depended on her job for her training and bills. I would like to ask everyone if you could come together and help Jessica in her time of need. Wfighter has posted that her family was extremely grateful the they have posted bulletins for them. They are asking for help and if anyone out that would like to help out Jessica you can help out:

Derek Gould
15824 Neon St NW
Ramsey MN

Jessica here at SportsGeeks we are saying prayers for you and lighting a candle that you will come out of this.

So I am asking everyone please keep her in your thoughts and prayers please!




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