Cris Cyborg Defeats Akano

I just finished the fight between Cyborg and Akano, there were some questions about cyborg being overweight in the ring and it showed, Akano was no match for the weight and was defeated by Cyborg 35 seconds into round three. I believe that if Cyborg would have been at her weight Akano might have had a better chance of making all three round, but Cyborg did show her power and of course Gina Carano was looking on! 

Cyborg did go on record to apologize to her fans that she was overweight and said that will never happen again, according to Cyborg she said that it was a female problem that continued for her to be overweight and said that it would never happen again.

Gina Carano being at the match tonight looking on and might be picking up some pointers about how Cyborg was fighting might help out Gina in the long run to the battle sometime this year,  but I do have to say that this fight coming up for Carano and Cyborg is going to be big!



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