Cris "Cyborg" Santos to fight Who?

Yes that’s right Gina Carano and CyborgCris "Cyborg" Santos

is still not ready yet and what do you know strikeforce has come up with a fighter that has a 14-5 record….Japan’s Hitomi Akano will fight Cyborg on April 11th event in San Jose, as you can see the contract negotiations must be ongoing with Gina Carano as we all know that she was way underpaid for the last fight between Carano and Kobold and both fighters are probably asking for more money since they brought the most viewers for Woman’s MMA bout on CBS Elite XC fight that happened last year on Oct 4th.

This could be a calling card for Gina Carano as she has said in past interviews that she ready to fight and just waiting on management to pay her what she is owed so come on strikeforce! pay up and lets see a big battle! this could be a great showdown and us fans would love to see it!


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