As mixed martial arts continues to grow worldwide, Gina Carano, one of the sport’s most recognizable faces, will be featured in an upcoming Pepsi commercial slated to debut at the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 1. 

Carano has been a crossover star in many different avenues, including a spot on “American Gladiators” as well as serving as the inspiration for a character in the computer game “Command & Conquer.”

Now the popular women’s fighter will be seen alongside iconic martial arts figure Bruce Lee in a campaign that is dubbed “Refresh Anthem,” which will feature hip-hop artist Will.I.Am. doing an updated version of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.”

The commercial will feature a visual collage of popular figures, both past and present, celebrating generations of legendary figures from various worlds including sports and entertainment.

Carano will be one of the first mixed martial artists to be a part of a national commercial campaign, with the Pepsi commercial to first be shown during Super Bowl XLIII. 

Widely considered as one of the best fighters in the women’s division, Carano is still in a holding pattern along with other competitors who fought under the EliteXC banner. The company is still under consideration to be sold to a new owner, while the fighters wait for resolution to continue their careers. 




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