XFC Secures TV Deal

Valencia Entertainment, Inc., a subsidiary of ValCom, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:VLCO), (FRANKFURT: VAM), a Media Entertainment Company, is pleased to announce the signing of a three-year license distribution deal with the Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC) Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a billion dollar industry and is the fastest growing sports in America; the Southeastern-based XFC is the largest, most successful MMA promotion currently without a national television presence. ValCom’s distribution arm, Valencia Entertainment, will produce 13 XFC hour-long TV episodes from preexisting content, and will develop high-end future programming from upcoming XFC events. These episodes will be disbursed worldwide to broadcast, cable, all sources of media, and home entertainment. In addition to viewer distribution, Valencia Entertainment also plans to market XFC packages and programming worldwide.

“The growing billion dollar industry of martial arts fighting combined with broad demographic viewers makes this XFC deal very valuable. We will be reproducing the previous 13 episodes as well as future episodes with a three-year contract. This deal could prove to be invaluable,” said Vince Vellardita, President & CEO of ValCom, Inc. XFC draws the biggest crowds in the sport this side of UFC, and is dedicated to launching the careers of the next generation of MMA superstars. Today, XFC viewers consist of all age groups, especially males 18 to 34 years of age. “With heart-thumping action and adrenaline-charged cage fighting between the dedicated warriors of XFC, we provide a platform for the champions of tomorrow to showcase their talents and develop into legends,” said XFC president John Prisco. “We’re delighted to be affiliated with ValCom and look forward to growing MMA to even greater heights because this sport is just 15-years-old and hasn’t even come close yet to reaching its full potential.”

Yet another good move for the XFC. We all know what TUF did for the UFC and SpikeTV, and how networks like Versus have given promotions like the WEC large amounts of exposure as well, not to mention all of the MMA programming on HDNET.

By securing this deal with ValCom, I think XFC is yet again showing that they are a promotion to look out for. After opening their line of gyms and securing Mike Yanez as their head trainer, they’re working even harder to give their fan base what they want — to watch the fighters they support on TV.

With the economy in the state it is, 2009 is going to make or break a lot of promotions. We’re going to see the XFC make it.



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