MMA Gaining Popularity In Valley

Now this is what I like to hear, more MMA fights showing up all over, Keep up the great work everyone, and hopefully soon will be hearing from Affliction to see if we are going to get the woman’s division going!

MMA Gaining Popularity In Valley

McALLEN – Boxing has always been big in the valley, but an alternative sport is gaining popularity. Local fighters are now competing in mixed martial arts competitions. The South Texas Fighting Championships held a press conference this afternoon for their upcoming event. A total of 10 fights will be on the card this Saturday at the McAllen Convention Center. The start time is set for 7PM. One of the event’s promoters, Raul Ramos, tells NEWSCHANNEL 5, “The valley’s good because there’s a lot of boxers here. With a growing sport and the popularity of MMA, they’re making a transition into becoming well-rounded fighters. They’re doing ground fighting, standing, and kicking. Plus, with their boxing skills, it gives them an advantage.”


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