Kelly Kobold Still the toughest in the Ring

Hi everyone writing a little article about Kelly Kobold MMA woman’s fighter who fights out of Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Her fighting style is wrestling.
Kelly is a fighter who can hang with the best, just two weeks ago she lost by unanimous decision against Gina Carano.
This was a great fight that was put on by CBS and EliteXC Kelly was outstanding in the fight and did everything possible to take down Gina Carano. By all accounts, here at SportsGeeks believe that Kelly edge out Carano by a little not by very much. Even tho Kelly had nasty gash over her left eye. I believe that Kelly is the toughest by hanging in there in all three rounds. Kelly has now lost three great fights and last in all rounds of the three that she lost. Fighting Gina, Jule Kedzie and Tara LaRosa this has to be one Kelly’s best accomplishments. Kelly is now 16-30-1 and still is one of the toughest woman MMA fighters around and should get a rematch with Gina Carano soon.


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