Gina "Conviction" Carano On SportsGeeks

Gina Carano joined SportsGeeks tonight for a short interview before her big fight with Kelly Kobold on October  4th on CBS.

Check out Live Interview with Gina Carano here:



It was a great interview and she said she is ready for the fight next week. “I want the fight to be tonight” says Gina who is anxiously waiting for next week to come. We did ask her if this fight will put the critics “to rest” about the past fights and what Tara has said in past interview like on ESPN360 that Gina has not fought anyone yet. So next Saturday Gina said that this would test out how tough she is against a very good and well talented fighter in Kelly Kobold.

Gina goes on to say that she has seen Kelly fight before and said that Kelly is a tough fighter always punching and this will see if Gina can take those punches from Kelly and put all those critics to rest including Tara.

Check out the show here: SportsGeeks


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